Roobiq is a mobile sales platform that combines calendar, location, email, and CRM data to automate a sales process.

Roobiq's server platform automatically geocodes data for easy visualization and supports reminders.

New lead created

Task due

Your Sales Assistant

Opportunity closing soon

Roobiq generates data-driven automatic reminders throughout the sales process, keeping reps focused on the right tasks.

Built With The Road Warrior In Mind

+100s more.

What are you waiting for?

Arrived at client

Meeting follow-up

No response from email

Each reminder can be associated with a customized workflow, simplifying steps and improving process compliance.

Roobiq is used by:

The user experience is built specifically for mobile. Gestures allow for quick action on reminders and easy form-filling on-the-go.

Make Use of Micro-Moments

Lightweight Design