App Functionality


Roobiq is currently available for iPhone and iPad. Android support coming in 2015.



  • Integrated sales activities timeline consisting of: Salesforce tasks, events from Salesforce, and device calendar events.

  • Reminder notifications for events, tasks and other customizable data-triggers

  • Call and meeting logging with customizable mobile workflows

  • Automatic field definition and layout mapping based on your company's Salesforce setup

  • Customizable required field display

  • Create and edit standard and custom objects

  • Customizable in-app rules engine to pre-fill fields or validate data

  • Automatically links calendar events to Salesforce contacts, accounts and opportunities

  • Call Salesforce or device contacts and immediately return to app with call log workflow

  • Automatic data sync based on network availability

  • Create and edit objects offline

  • Autocomplete search

  • In-app list views with customizable filters


Customizable required fields maximize screen space for easy form-filling on the go.


Create list views and filter offline



  • Automatic address geocoding

  • Search for nearby objects or based off a specific location

  • Create and schedule routes

  • Optimize routes based on distance and time

  • Voice-based turn-by-turn navigation

  • All mapping features available offline

Offline voice-based turn-by-turn navigation 



  • Daily admin email reports

  • In-app chat based support

  • Web-based training