Welcome to the United Rentals mapping app beta installation page.

Latest Version: 2.2
If you have already installed the app, click here or the app icon to update.

To install the app for the first time, please follow all of these instructions:

1. Make sure you have opened this page on your device, then click here to download the app.

You will see a pop up like this, make sure to click install.


2. The app will now install on your home screen.

However, if you attempt to open the app now, you will see an "Untrusted Enterprise Developer" error message. THIS IS EXPECTED.


3. To remove this error message, you need to open the Settings app and then navigate to "General" then "Profiles and Device Management" (your device this might just say Profiles).


4. You should now see this screen, click "Trust Roobiq LLC".


Make sure to click Trust again on the popup:


5. You are all set! Open the app and login with your Salesforce account.